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TV and Radio

Gerard has been a consultant and, in some programmes, acted in the following:

MBS Television in Osaka, Japan—10th Anniversary of the major rail crash Amagasaki, 25 April 2015

Gerard appeared as a global rail expert on two major TV programmes, by MBS Television in Osaka, Japan. Approximately 50 million watched these programmes.


Click here for a video of the interview


CNN report on Lufthansa's procedural compliance, Bloomsbury Law Online, 17 April 2015

Gerard discussed procedural compliance including a variety of concerns relating to the recent and tragic Germanwings crash: The disparity of damages awards, whether the 2 pilot rule will help in future scenarios, what part Allianz are playing, as well as mental health considerations.


Click here for full article including a video of the interview


"Crash" BBC2 (A three-part series two years in the making, which follows the official investigations after the Southall train crash of September 1997, Blakeway Productions)

"The Day That Britain Stopped" BBC2 (Docudrama)
Numerous training videos for the Home Office on Emergency Planning  
"In Defence" ITV  
"Mid Air Collision Over Britain" 2006 Granada for Sky (Docudrama)
"The AM Programme" & "The PM Programme" Radio 4
"Law in Action" Radio 4